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Emergence Sessions are evening courses that equip us to walk as disciples of Jesus. They are designed to help you grow in your knowledge and love of God and to live wisely in his world.
This year's Summer Sessions will be held at our Totowa campus on Monday nights at 7 pm from July 1 to August 5.
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The Letters of Paul I

Steeped in an intense zeal for the God of his forefathers and educated at the feet of the most prominent rabbi of his day, Saul of Tarsus made it his personal mission to snuff out the earliest Christians and to have their leaders executed. All this changed when Jesus himself appeared to Saul and chose him to carry the gospel to the ends of the earth. Through his obedience to this call, this man, whom we know as the apostle Paul, changed the course of world history forever.
In not much more than thirty years, God used Paul to plant over a dozen churches throughout the Roman Empire, spreading the name of Jesus possibly as far as Spain, and devoted his life to unifying this fledgling Christian community. Nearly one-third of the New Testament is composed of the masterful letters he wrote to these churches in order to build them up, strengthen them, and instruct them on how to live as children of God in a world that was, and still is, hostile to those who call on the name of Jesus.
This summer we will examine the life and writings of Paul, seeking to understand his unique contribution to the Christian worldview, and to share his heart to know Christ and make him known to the ends of the earth.

Teacher: Doug Becker

Romans                   Galatians                  1 Corinthians.                 2 Corinthians
Outline                      Outline                      Outline                              Outline
Romans Part 1         Galatians Part 1       1 Corinthians Part 1         2 Corinthians
Romans Part 2         Galatians Part 2       1 Corinthians Part 2
Romans Part 3                                           1 Corinthians Part 3
Christianity in a Secular Age

Join four Apologists as we tackle the hard questions about Christianity in our culture. Some of the questions we'll explore are:
·      How can I best share my faith in a culture hostile to Christianity?
·      How can a Christian best navigate this politically polarized culture?
·      What is the best way to reach people of other faiths?
·      How can a loving God allow so much evil and suffering in this world?
·      Does the Bible really contradict itself?
·      Does God condone the slaughter of people in the Old Testament?
·      Are science and Christianity mutually exclusive?
Our goal is to strengthen our faith by these issues head-on without simplistic answers. We will also talk about some non-confrontational ways of helping others look at the reasonableness of their beliefs. No prior knowledge is assumed and each Monday night we'll cover a different topic. If you attended last year’s apologetics class, you will find all new material, except for a few necessary basic principles covered.

Teachers: Walt Windish, Richard Abate, Matt Jenisch, and Lucas Martin

Past Sessions

Where talks were recorded they will be available to listen via link next to the topic

WINTER 2018/2019

Exploring Social Issues

Teacher: Doug Becker
Location: Totowa Campus

WINTER 2018/2019


  • Intro to apologetics, truth, using questions,  Audio to come soon
  • Existence of God, Audio to come soon
  • Reliability of the New Testament, Audio to come soon
  • Jesus: His deity and his resurrection, Audio to come soon
  • The problem of suffering, Audio to come soon
  • Other worldviews, Audio to come soon

Teachers: Walt Windish, James Hoogmoed, Doug Becker
Location: Ledgewood Baptist Church, Ledgewood, NJ

WINTER 2018/2019


  • Communication and connection, No Audio Available
  • Peer pressure (for both children & parents), No Audio Available
  • Social media, No Audio Available
  • Bullying, No Audio Available
  • Anxiety and depression, No Audio Available
  • Healthy rhythms, No Audio Available

All these topics incorporated strategies for children ages birth-toddler, elementary, tweens, middle and high school, and entering college.

Teacher: Jamie Coyne
Location: Ringwood Campus