IMPORTANT NOTE: No services this Sunday January 20 due to the storm.


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Get ready to ROAR! VBS- July 8-12  It's going to be a wild time as kids explore God's goodness and celebrate a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life! It will be the best week of the summer with new friends, incredible music, bible adventures, creative games, crafts and super-fun snacks. Kids will discover that even though life is wild, God is good!

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The next Family Dedication service is coming on June 30th!

Family Dedication is an opportunity for parents to declare their faith, and formalize their desire to raise their families in a home centered on Jesus.

Dedication is also a time where they come before the church to ask for prayer support as they point their children to Christ.

If you have kids who are 5 or younger who have yet to participate in Family Dedication, you can sign up to be a part of it today by clicking the button below!


Every year since we have existed as a church we've found that hundreds of college-aged young professionals often come marching through our doors each Summer ready to plug into community with one another and asking hard questions about God and faith.

We personally feel that it's the hardest questions in our lives that lead us to the goodness of God's truth, and so as a church, we gather each Summer in a ministry we call "College-ish" to open up the Bible and explore who Jesus is, and the true meaning of faith.

This year, we'll be diving into Scripture together in a six-part series on "Identity" as we explore what the Bible has to teach us about who we are, how we've been made, and what the true purpose of our lives are.
So, if you're between the ages of 18-25 (the College-ish age) and either have questions of your own, or just simply want to jump into a community of people seeking after Jesus, we'd love to invite you to join us this Summer for College-ish.

We'll be meeting together on Wednesday nights at 8pm in Totowa, starting Wednesday, June 5th. For more information you can check out the College-ish page by clicking the link below!


Emergence Sessions are evening courses that equip us to walk as disciples of Jesus. They are designed to help you grow in your knowledge and love of God and to live wisely in his world.

This Summer, we'll offer these Summer Sessions:

Six weeks
All Mondays in July and the first Monday of August, 7 pm in Totowa
2 classes to choose from:
  • The Letters of Paul (taught by Doug Becker)
  • Christianity in a Secular Age (taught by Walt Windish & friends)—this is basically a fancy title for Apologetics pt. 2

If you'd like to be a part of Summer Sessions, register using the link below!


In eTown this summer, we want to honor our Sunday team by giving them the opportunity to take a break, and give YOU a glimpse of what eTown is all about!

Would you come join us in honoring our faithful team by signing up to assist in the classrooms of eTown once or twice in the upcoming months of July and August?

Here's everything you need to know:
1. You are qualified: our lessons will be packaged and prepared for you. Easy peasy.
2. It's not babysitting: we're laying the foundation for a lifelong faith.
3. It's a lot of fun: We sing. We craft. We play. ANNNND we talk about Jesus! Nothin' better.
4. You pick the dates: select your availability when you sign up to serve.
Sign up today using the link below!


Membership is an important part of what it means to be healthy in our life of faith. It's biblical, beautiful, and part of what God uses to advance His mission as we walk in unity!

The following people have completed Discover Emergence and finished the process of membership here at Emergence. The final part of that process is to be listed here in the bulletin for 3 weeks.

If you know of any reason any of these candidates should not be accepted into membership, please let us know by emailing

The current candidates:
(to be listed until 6/23)
Julie Haboob
Kimberly Kender
John Kender Jr
Timothy Stauber
Ireland Stauber
Bethany Stauber
Stacey Ahrens
Christina Crisostomo
Daniel Hook
Jami Hook
Roberta Ryniak


If you're new to Emergence, or have been around for a while and are yet to plug in... or maybe you'd like to become a member... Discover Emergence is for you.

It happens every month (in Totowa... a little less often at the other campuses) and there's a new round starting soon. Come find out more about Emergence, and explore what it means to be a part of what's going on here.

Sign up today through the link below!

Financial update:

May 26 Offering

Last Week’s Offering: $56.8k
Last Week's Need: $62.5k (-$5.7k)
Year to Date Giving: $3,008.5k
Year to Date Need: $3,261.2k (-$252.7k)
20|20 Vision Campaign Update

Total Intentions-to-give: $3,210.9k
To-date Received: $2,112.4k
Amount needed to meet goal: $2,387.6k