Summer Sessions


Choose from one of three elective courses:


Christian Apologetics is both the science and the art of defending what we believe. During the six weeks we’ll be together, we will discuss the nature of truth, the evidence for God, the historicity of the resurrection, and belief systems that are in opposition to the Christian faith. We will also look at the questions, “If God is a loving God, why is there so much evil, pain, and suffering in this world?” “Can I really trust that the Bible is a historical document, rather than a myth?” and “Aren’t science and Christianity incompatible?”

Throughout the six weeks we will consider how to present this information to a skeptic and help them explore their own beliefs. No prior knowledge is needed.  Come and bring your questions. Better yet, bring your skeptical friend!

Intro, Truth, Using Questions (7/16)

Evidence for God's Existence (7/23)

The Historical Reliability of the New Testament (7/30)

Ministering to Other Worldviews (8/6)

Jesus' Life and Resurrection (8/13)

The Moral Argument and the Problem of Suffering (8/20)



Beginning from a solid theological basis, this financial seminar will offer straightforward advice over a broad range of topics intended to help Christians handle their money more effectively to bless God, their families, and others.  The presenter will combine both practical solutions and personal anecdotes from his thirty years of experience in this area to address the following topics:

Financial stewardship (7/16): What it is; what the Bible says about money and possessions; false financial concepts.

Getting out of debt (7/23): Why it matters; the debt snowball approach to get free; creative ways to reduce your expenses.

Proper budgeting (7/30): Why budget; how to make a budget work, the key to outsmarting your destructive instincts.

Helping your kids handle money (8/6): Financial life principles they need to know; choosing an age-appropriate system to train them; helpful tips to reinforce your teaching.

Investment principles we need to know (8/13): Eternal investing goals, practical lessons about how to invest effectively for the long term.

Giving (8/20): How to live in a counter-cultural way in a world focused on materialism, tangible steps to break its power, myths about giving.

Old Testament Survey

For many Christians, the Old Testament is a long collection of books that are difficult to understand and have only occasional relevance to the Christian life. This course will address all these issues, teaching you how to understand the entire Old Testament and the many ways in which it lays the foundation for the gospel. Our prayer is that the Lord will equip you with the knowledge and tools that you need to grow from God’s revelation of himself to his people whom he has redeemed.

Genesis and Exodus (7/16): God begins the work of redeeming his creation by calling out a people to be his own.

Law (7/23): Love the Lord your God will all you heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. And love your neighbor as yourself.

Historical Books (7/30): The story of the rise and fall of Israel, and the promise of God to preserve the line of David.

Major Prophets (8/6): Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel bring God’s Word to their generations to prepare them for both judgment and salvation.

Minor Prophets (8/13): The voices who were faithful enough to stand against oppression and idolatry. Don’t know their names? You will when we’re done!

Psalms and Wisdom (8/20): Poems from the hearts of God’s worshiping people, and the traditions of the wise.