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Violence in the Elijah and Elisha Stories

How should we think of violence in the Old Testament? In this post, I examine this question through the lens of the killing of the prophets at Mount Carmel, the soldiers who confront Elijah, and the young boys who are attacked by bears after being cursed by Elisha....

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The Historical Reality of the Elijah and Elisha Narratives

Here I call to light several different points in which archaeological discoveries come to bear on the biblical storyline surrounding Elijah and Elisha. ...

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Does the Bible Condone Slavery?

Does the Bible condone slavery? Eventually, every thinking Christian must confront this question. For one thing, if you read your Bible on a regular basis, it is only a matter of time before you will run into passages that speak quite frankly of it, such as the laws in Exodus that govern slave-master relationships. The New Testament too has passages such as Ephesians 6:5: ...

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Was the Resurrection of Jesus a Repackaged Pagan Myth?

Was the Resurrection of Jesus a Repackaged Pagan Myth? Mythicism and the Resurrection of Jesus The purpose of this brief essay is to confront the idea that the New Testament concept of the death and resurrection of Jesus was somehow borrowed or influenced by pagan religious traditions. The attempt to account for the origins of Christian beliefs in this way is often calle...

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